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Security Island

Anyone who does not comply with applicable laws and regulations risks criminal and civil consequences - this also applies to companies. Train your employees and managers and avoid rule violations!

Travel Security

If your own employees are sent abroad, numerous preparations have to be made. In emergency situations, employees must be able to react adequately and quickly. As an employer, you must fulfil your general duty of care and consistently prepare your staff for the business trip with our e-learning offer.

Travel Security
Social Engineering

People are a company's greatest potential - and at the same time they represent a serious security risk. In the fight against social engineering, the sustainable sensitization of employees and managers plays a key role.

Social Engineering
Cyber Security

In order to guarantee the security of its own information and communication systems, tailor-made company training is required, which explains the complexity of the used systems and their interfaces and make your company a safer place for sensitive information.

Cyber Security
Information Security

Loss, misuse, manipulation - information is exposed to a multitude of risks. Information security aims to counter these risks effectively and to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of this information. A company wide information security training supports companies in protecting their information effectively.

Information Security
Visitor Management

Visitors make special demands on security management. In particular, access control and the monitoring of restricted access areas must be taken into account within the framework of Security for Visitors. Basic instructions on the identification requirement and specific requirements for granting access rights must be the subject of training.

Visitor Management
Data Protection (GDPR)

Information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person requires special protection. This e-learning ensures that your employees and managers can act in compliance with data protection regulations as part of their company processes.

Data Protection (GDPR)
Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety is the declared goal of Health & Safety. This includes a large number of proactive and reactive measures to identify hazards at the workplace and to effectively protect our own personnel from them. Qualified training shows what is important in effective Health & Safety Management and what role the individual employee plays in it.

Health & Safety
Business Continuity Management

Maintain business operations even if central resources fail: With the BCM training we prepare your employees optimally for emergencies and increase your operational resilience.

Business Continuity Management

Whether embezzlement, breach of trust, falsification of documents or theft: if you want to protect yourself effectively against such crimes, you have to establish comprehensive measures in your company. Show your employees and managers in a qualified training how to actively prevent fraud and what to do in case of suspicion.


The safest place on earth

Send your employees on a special training adventure - on the training island Security Island. In motivating e-learning modules with films, animations, stories and interactions, your training participants will experience security topics in a refreshing way, and on top of that, you will fulfil your legal duty of care.

No matter whether you want to qualify 10 or 10,000 employees - on Security Island you are sure to find the right solution. We have already successfully conducted more than 3 million user trainings.

With the academy version you receive an immediately usable e-learning platform with security training for highest demands from renowned training authors. In the corporate version, you can customize your training and take adaptations to your company processes.

“Ready to Use” eLearning Courses

Quality and short implementation times at the same time — With our “Ready to Use” courses you can start training your employees quickly and easily — without having to cut back on the depth of content.


Integrate our e-learning courses conveniently into your Learning Management System or use the mybreev Online Academy.


Our courses are pre-produced in German and English. We produce other languages on request.


All our courses include a knowledge review. This ensures that your users can internalize the content they have learned.

Corporate Design

We adapt our courses to your corporate design — at no additional cost. Further adaptations, e.g. to your individual business processes, can be realized in the mybreev Studio.

In 5 steps to your individual E-Learning course

Couldn't find a suitable topic on Security Island? — In the mybreev studio we produce individual content — from storyboard to finished content.


Choose your relevant topic

Um Ihre bereits bestehende Lernplattform mit mybreev-Modulen zu bereichern, wählen Sie einfach die entsprechenden Module aus unserem Katalog aus. Gerne beraten wir Sie persönlich dazu, welche Module die benötigten Inhalte umfassen. Wir passen diese im Anschluss auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse an.

Briefing on Content

Gemeinsam erstellen wir ein Briefing: per Telefon, im Webmeeting oder in einem Workshop bei Ihnen vor Ort. In diesem Briefing halten wir fest, welche Zielgruppe die Module erreichen sollen und welche besonderen Anpassungen wir in den jeweiligen Kursen vornehmen sollen, damit es Ihrer Unternehmenssprache und Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen entspricht.

Corporate Processes and Corporate Design

Sobald wir Ihre Bedürfnisse kennen, nehmen wir die nötigen Anpassungen des E-Learnings vor: Adaptiert an Ihre unternehmensspezifischen Prozesse produzieren wir einen individualisierten E-Learning Kurs. Zudem fügen wir die Namen wichtiger Ansprechpartner Ihres Unternehmens ein, ändern zentrale Begriffe im Sinne Ihrer Corporate Langue, binden wichtige Formulare, PDFs und Bilder Ihres Unternehmens ein. Außerdem bringen wir die mybreev-Module auf Wunsch in Ihr Corporate Design – so dass alle Ihren Mitarbeitern zur Verfügung stehenden Module wie aus einem Guss wirken.

Check the results

Wenn die Module für Sie angepasst sind, können Sie diese auf Herz und Nieren prüfen. In diesem Schritt können Sie uns Ihr offenes Feedback zukommen lassen – und wir setzen es um. Am Ende des Prozesses steht das fertige E-Learning, mit dem Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter schulen können.

The E-Learning course goes online

Im Anschluss an die finale Freigabe veröffentlichen wir Ihre Module für die Integration in Ihr Lernmanagementsystem (LMS). Auf Wunsch stellen wir Ihnen die Kurse alternativ in der Security Island – Online-Akademie zur Verfügung. Durch diese Cloud-Lösung können Sie Ihren Mitarbeitern die passenden Kurse und Module auch ohne eigenes Lernmanagementsystem zur Verfügung stellen.

mybreev Studio

Online Academy

You do not have your own Learning Management System (LMS) for training your employees? — No problem! Use the cloud based mybreev Online Academy to train your employees.

Trainer User
mybreev Online Academy

From trainer's point of view

As a training manager and trainer, you benefit from a clear, easy-to-use system that contains all the important functions for the effective training of your employees.

  • Select and upload training
  • Dashboard: Manage participants and assign training courses
  • Check the training status of the participants
  • Upload documents and guidelines
  • Set deadlines
  • Automatic reminder e-mails to the participants
mybreev Online Academy

From user's point of view

Your users benefit from an intuitive user interface that leaves no questions unanswered. This allows the training participants to focus on the learning content.

  • Receive notifications of new training courses
  • Support: Simply contact the trainer
  • Intuitive user interface and simple operation
  • Do you have to stop in the middle of the E-Learning? Continue where you left off
  • Generation of training certificates


Cyber Security

"You've got mail": Corporate communications in change

Telegram, e-mail, messenger – the way of corporate communication is subject to constant change. New technologies, however, always come along with new risks. This calls for security managers to keep pace with developments in the IT environment.

Travel Security

No smoke without fire – it's simmering in the Middle East

Recent events in Iraq make it clear: In times of uncertainty, companies have to actively prepare themselves and their employees for sudden changes in the security situation – but how can this be done?

Data Protection (GDPR)

Status Quo: Data Privacy in a Snapshot

It has been month since the deadline for implementing the GDPR – but there is still a lot to be done. The current satus in many companies is sobering. However, professional training can support in many aspects.

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