• si-background si-islands Travel Security The employer's general duty of care also includes the protection of staff on business trips. In our training you will prepare your traveling employees for country-specific travel risks and give practice-oriented behavioural recommendations. Visitor Management Visitors make special demands on security management. In particular, access control and surveillance of restricted areas require special attention. Protect your visitors as well as your company values and train your staff. Data Protection
    (GDPR) Since May 2018 the EU-GDPR has applied in EU: train your staff in the legally compliant handling of personal data and actively prevent violations of the law.
    Information Security Loss, misuse, manipulation - information is exposed to a variety of risks. One of these risks is often the employee himself, who is in constant contact with company-related information. With our e-learning you keep you sensitive information in your company! Cyber Security In order to guarantee the security of your own information and communication systems, tailor-made training courses are required which do justice to the complexity of the systems used and their interfaces. Compliance Anyone who does not comply with applicable laws and regulations, risks criminal and civil consequences - this also applies to companies. Train your employees and managers and avoid breaches of regulations! Health & Safety Qualified training shows what is important in effective Health & Safety Management and what role individual employees and managers play. Social Engineering In social engineering, criminals try to exploit human behavior patterns for their own purposes by using perfidious manipulation techniques. Your staff can also become the focus of criminals. Prepare your staff for such situations with social engineering training. Fraud Whether embezzlement, breach of trust, forgery of documents or theft: anyone who wants to protect themselves effectively against such crimes must establish comprehensive sensitization measures. Show your employees and managers in a qualified training how to actively prevent fraud and what to do in case of suspicion. Digitalization In addition to numerous possibilities, new, digitized processes also reveal specific risks for companies. Qualify your staff and draw their attention to the dangers of digitalization. Business Continuity
    Management Maintain business operations even if central resources fail: We optimally prepare your employees for emergencies and thus make an important contribution to improving your operational resilience.

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Send your employees on a special further training adventure - on the safe and secure training island Security Island. In motivating e-learning modules with films, animations, stories and quizzes your training participants will experience security topics on a refreshing way. In addition, you fulfil your statutory duty of care obligations.

Regardless of whether you want to qualify 10 or 10,000 employees - on Security Island you will find your suitable solution with certainty. We already have more than 3 million user training courses successfully completed.

With the Academy-Version you get a ready-to-use e-learning platform with training courses for the highest demands, written by renowned specialist authors. In the corporate version, you can make additional individualizations and adaptations to your business processes.

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