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Successfully fend off cyber gangsters - with the IT security e-learning library of  Deutschen Telekom Security and mybreev

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Borussia Mönchengladbach uses the entire Security Island E-Learning Library for the digital training of their employees. 

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mybreev and partners won several Comenius Awards 2022

mybreev has won several Comenius EduMedia awards for digital educational media. Award-winning digital educational media must be designed and realized according to pedagogical, didactic, aesthetic and technical criteria.

Cyber Security

Caught in the Net: Phishing trends 2022

Phishing is the method of choice among cyber criminals to gain access to a company's systems. To avoid damage, companies should be on their guard – and take appropriate countermeasures.


Keeping "the monster" in check: Properly training supply chain law

It is now a good year since the Bundestag adopted the German government's draft law on the Supply Chain Act. The need for the law is undisputed, but so is the proportionality of its implementation.

Other Articles

Sustainability in the company

Agenda 2030: Working together for a sustainable future

Everyone is talking about the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short - but what are they about? What role do they play for companies? And how can companies make their contribution? – An overview.

Information Security

Information security, IT security, data protection - a triad?

Information security, IT security, data protection – anyone concerned with the protection of sensitive data and information will inevitably stumble across these three terms. But what is the difference? Or is information security, IT security and data protection basically the same thing? And what does this mean for responsibilities within the company?


Major compliance risks for companies

Ever new requirements make life difficult for those responsible for compliance. Above all, human rights and sustainability are trends that will have to be given special attention in the future.

Mental Health at Work

Toxic Positivity: When Optimism Makes You Sick

Positive thinking is good – but it can cause problems when it becomes obsessive and no longer allows for negative emotions.

Information Security

Social engineering: Vishing a real danger for companies

So-called voice vishing is a popular method of harming companies via a phone call. But what is behind it?

Crisis Management

Crisis communication - which microphone do you speak into?

Good crisis communication is crucial to the successful management of a crisis. This makes it all the more important to develop a sound crisis communications strategy and prepare for the worst-case scenario.


E-learning content: These are the top trends 2022

E-learning is constantly evolving. Reason enough to take a closer look at the latest trends.

Sustainability in the company

Sustainability - a strategic challenge for companies Interest in the sustainability of economic activity is growing, making it one of the companies’ major challenges of the 21st century. A sound sustainability strategy sets a solid basis – taking the enti

Interest in the sustainability of economic activity is growing, making it one of the companies’ major challenges of the 21st century. A sound sustainability strategy sets a solid basis – taking the entire supply chain into account and raising the awareness of all employees and managers play a key role.

Mental Health at Work

Mental stress at work: an industry-wide problem

Too much stress can have a lasting impact on the health of employees. Burnout and other mental illnesses can be the result. Holistic concepts can effectively prevent this. Professional awareness and training measures are an elementary part of these concepts.

Change Management

E-learning and change: Promoting acceptance for change with digital learning formats

Digitization is and remains one of the biggest drivers of change in companies. Professional training plays a key role in ensuring the success of change measures. In order to develop the professional knowledge and soft skills of employees and managers and to increase the acceptance of changes in the operational environment, digital learning formats such as e-learning can make an important contribution.


Due diligence in the supply chain: companies in the responsibility

The so-called Supply Chain Act was the subject of political discussion for a long time. In the debate about its practical benefits, however, politicians, companies and non-governmental organizations were anything but in agreement - now the new law is a done deal. But what does it mean for companies?


Economic Corruption: A Current Picture of the Situation

Corruption in Germany? – not a rarity! Corrupt behaviour is a serious problem in Germany as well. That's why companies need to take action to educate employees and managers in order to effectively reduce the risk of legal consequences and reputational damage – but how?

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