Information Security

Information Security: Meeting the new banking supervisory requirements

With the review of the Supervisory Requirements for IT in Financial Institutions (BAIT), the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has put central aspects of information security to the test. But how can the companies concerned ensure compliance with these requirements?

Sustainability in the Company

Corporate Social Responsibility: About self-image and Greenwashing

The sense of responsibility for sustainable management has increased considerably in recent years. In order to fulfil its social duty, but also to meet the expectations of employees, customers and business partners, CSR must become part of your company’s strategy.

Information Security

CEO Fraud - What would Eisenhower say to that?

Important and urgent tasks should be dealt with immediately – but not if it is a scam. CEO fraud is on the rise and represents a serious threat to companies – even in times of Covid-19.

Other Articles

Travel Security

Business travel in times of Covid-19 – an unpredictable risk?

The corona pandemic is without doubt a break in business travel management. Companies around the world have stopped or at least drastically reduced all business travel. But how has the pandemic changed the way employees travel?


Business Ethics: The transfer into practice is what really counts

How can ethical dilemmas be solved? – Morals and ethics play a major role in our society, also in professional life. Professional training supports the transfer from theory to praxis.


Security Island is awarded with the Comenius EduMedia Award 2020

Security Island was awarded this year in two categories with the Comenius -EduMedia Award 2020 by the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI). The Comenius Award will be presented for the 25th time in 2020 and aims to promote outstanding digital educational media and teaching and learning management systems.


Home office on the rise: A curse on compliance?

The Corona crisis has given a considerable boost to the concepts of flexwork and home office – much to the chagrin of many compliance managers. But how can associated risks be effectively managed?


A Secure Future - More Awareness in Essen

On 01 September 2020, mybreev GmbH opens a new location in the Future Safe House in Essen. The city of Essen has meanwhile grown into the unofficial security capital of the Ruhr area.


BSI presents phishing game against cyber attacks at Gamescom

The aim of the game is to sensitize and empower citizens in dealing with e-mails via the gamification approach and thus prevent cyber attacks.

Cyber Security

The threat out of your pocket: mobility and its pitfalls

They have long been part of a mobile and flexible working environment: Mobile devices make our lives easier and allow us to work anytime, anywhere. But beware: It is not uncommon for this newly acquired mobility to come at the expense of safety: Mobile devices are in the crosshairs of many cyber criminals.


mybreev International Partner & Broker Program

Sven Leidel Joins mybreev to launch the mybreev International Partner & Broker Program. The aim is: Learning with Security Island globally!

Mental Stress at Work

Low battery: Do you know your everyday energy thieves?

The so-called burnout syndrome can take on different forms. Companies and employees can do something about it – especially by fighting against everyday energy thieves.

Labour Law

(Un)Equal treatment: A practical snapshot

Diversity is recognized as an important driver for a creative and productive working environment. However, the practice still looks different in many companies, although there are specific legal requirements to reduce and prevent discrimination in business.


How do I become an e-learner?

If you want to get ahead in your job, you regularly improve your skills. This also applies to training courses in the field of safety and instruction.


Trade Compliance - A tightrope walk in times of Corona?

The global Corona crisis has significantly impacted the international trade in goods. New regulations restrict the export of certain goods and merchandise. But what does this mean for internationally active trading and logistics companies?