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Crisis Management

When Home Office makes you ill

In times of corona crises, flex work and home offices are more popular than ever before. But while employees and managers at home are exposed to a lower risk of infection, there are completely different dangers lurking there - what can companies do to comprehensively protect their staff even in this unfamiliar working environment?

Crisis Management

Safely through the corona crisis - Free e-learning for the exceptional situation

The corona pandemic poses unexpected challenges for the entire world. The e-learning provider mybreev Security Island provides all companies in German-speaking countries with free training on how to deal with the corona virus.

Data Protection (GDPR)

Bring Your Own Device - Curse or Blessing?

The use of personal devices in the corporate environment undoubtedly poses a challenge for data protection and information security. At the same time, they are often economically lucrative. But how can this area of tension be successfully managed?


Health & Safety

Give viruses no chance: Health protection at work

The annual wave of influenza is in full swing – with more than 58,000 reported cases, the number of infections in Germany is at a record level. The risk for both company and employees can be actively mitigated by taking appropriate measures. Professional training lays a solid foundation for improving health protection standards.

Cyber Security

"You've got mail": Corporate communications in change

Telegram, e-mail, messenger – the way of corporate communication is subject to constant change. New technologies, however, always come along with new risks. This calls for security managers to keep pace with developments in the IT environment.

Travel Security

No smoke without fire – it's simmering in the Middle East

Recent events in Iraq make it clear: In times of uncertainty, companies have to actively prepare themselves and their employees for sudden changes in the security situation – but how can this be done?

Data Protection (GDPR)

Status Quo: Data Privacy in a Snapshot

It has been month since the deadline for implementing the GDPR – but there is still a lot to be done. The current satus in many companies is sobering. However, professional training can support in many aspects.

Health & Safety

Lacking diligence at work: violation of duty may result in dismissal

What to do if employees do not comply with occupational health and safety regulations? – Regular training can remedy such situations, prevent injuries and avoid consequences under labour law.


Fraud Analytics – separating Objects from Value

Here is a simple way to start your Fraud Analytics! Separate Objects from Value with a focus on the 3 Ps.


US- Strafverfolgungsbehörden honorieren Compliance jetzt noch stärker

Ein Trend, der sich auch in Deutschland immer mehr verstärkt: Vor Gericht lohnt es sich für Unternehmen, Compliance Management ernst zu nehmen.


Compliance-Risiken werden unterschätzt

Der Fokus im Management verschiebt sich von Compliance zu Datenschutz und zur Digitalisierung; möglicherweise werden hierdurch wesentlich gravierendere Compliance-Risiken unterschätzt.


Größere Compliance-Verstöße in jedem zweiten Unternehmen

Jedes zweite Unternehmen kann von gravierenden Compliance-Vorfällen berichten; Hinweisgeber-Systeme werden künftig verpflichtend für KMU ab 50 Mitarbeitern.

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