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A Secure Future - More Awareness in Essen

On 01 September 2020, mybreev GmbH opens a new location in the Future Safe House in Essen. The city of Essen has meanwhile grown into the unofficial security capital of the Ruhr area.


BSI presents phishing game against cyber attacks at Gamescom

The aim of the game is to sensitize and empower citizens in dealing with e-mails via the gamification approach and thus prevent cyber attacks.

Cyber Security

The threat out of your pocket: mobility and its pitfalls

They have long been part of a mobile and flexible working environment: Mobile devices make our lives easier and allow us to work anytime, anywhere. But beware: It is not uncommon for this newly acquired mobility to come at the expense of safety: Mobile devices are in the crosshairs of many cyber criminals.

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mybreev International Partner & Broker Program

Sven Leidel Joins mybreev to launch the mybreev International Partner & Broker Program. The aim is: Learning with Security Island globally!

Mental Stress at Work

Low battery: Do you know your everyday energy thieves?

The so-called burnout syndrome can take on different forms. Companies and employees can do something about it – especially by fighting against everyday energy thieves.

Labour Law

(Un)Equal treatment: A practical snapshot

Diversity is recognized as an important driver for a creative and productive working environment. However, the practice still looks different in many companies, although there are specific legal requirements to reduce and prevent discrimination in business.


How do I become an e-learner?

If you want to get ahead in your job, you regularly improve your skills. This also applies to training courses in the field of safety and instruction.


Trade Compliance - A tightrope walk in times of Corona?

The global Corona crisis has significantly impacted the international trade in goods. New regulations restrict the export of certain goods and merchandise. But what does this mean for internationally active trading and logistics companies?

Travel Security

Wettbewerbsvorteil durch erweiterte Hygienevorkehrungen in der Reisebranche

Zahlreiche Fluggesellschaften und Hotelketten haben sich dem Thema Hygiene bzw. Desinfektion aufgrund des COVID-19 bereits speziell angenommen, gehen aber doch zum Teil sehr unterschiedlich mit der Situation um.

Data Protection (GDPR)

The risk of routine: Data Protection in home office

In many companies, home office continues to be part of every-day´s working environment – it is becoming routine. Nevertheless, the protection of personal data and sensitive information must not be neglected.

Cyber Security

Cyber-Crime is booming: Phishing in times of Corona

While many companies are still at a standstill, criminals have their hands full. In times of crisis, fraudsters are in full swing - and the current corona crisis is no different.


Awareness Readiness - Sovereign employees for a secure company

Are you aware of all the risks, dangers and possible stumbling blocks in your company? Are you awarness ready?

Health & Safety

Occupational health in times of Corona - an unsolvable dilemma?

After weeks of lock-down, a silver lining appears on the horizon. Step by step, we are returning to the new normal in both social and economic life.

Travel Security

Wenn jemand eine Reise tut – Geschäftsreisen in Zeiten von Corona

„The New Normal“ ist längst zum geflügelten Wort geworden, wenn es um die Rückkehr zum Normalbetrieb geht. Längst arbeiten Unternehmen fieberhaft an praxistauglichen Plänen, wie die Wiederaufnahme der gewöhnlichen Geschäftstätigkeit gelingen kann – das schließt neben der Rückkehr an den physischen Arbeitsplatz auch die Wiederaufnahme von Geschäftsreisen mit ein.

Business Continuity Management

About zombies and bad loans: The crisis following the crisis

Experts are warning: After the current corona crisis, an economic recession is looming, which threatens to drag numerous companies into financial ruin. But how can companies get prepared?