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"Information security is a matter for the boss"

"Information security is a matter for the boss"

The security of sensitive data and information plays an important role in the corporate context. Appropriate protection measures must cover the entire lifecycle of a document or file. This begins with its creation and processing, distribution and use, and also includes archiving and deletion or destruction. In order to ensure the effectiveness of appropriate protection concepts, however, all employees must be sensitized to their significance and practical relevance - no easy task. But how can the topic of information security be successfully communicated to the company's employees and managers? And how can you win their interest and attention?

Meeting participants at eye level - a successful concept

ESG asked itself exactly these central questions and declared information security to be a matter for the boss – in the true sense of the word: as part of an interactive e-learning session, which was led by the managing director himself, the importance and methodology of document classification were communicated to the staff. In order to gain the interest of the participants, not only was the head of the company involved as a moderator – various didactic methods were used as well, such as gamification and a media library, but also micro and rapid learning. The aim was to address all employees at eye level, regardless of their position within the company. But the training also has another special feature to mention: It can be completed within a few minutes only and can therefore be easily integrated into the hectic daily work routine. This means that participants can decide for themselves how and when to complete the training.

Active involvement of top executives underscores the importance of the training topic

The fact that this concept was well received was particularly evident from the positive employee feedback that ESG's corporate security department, as the initiator of the training measure, received shortly after the official rollout. The active involvement of top executive management was considered a key factor in this success. When management meets participants at eye level and emphasizes the importance of a training topic, it makes a valuable contribution to the success of the training. The innovative and forward-looking nature of this concept was also recognized by the eLearning Journal jury, who awarded mybreev and ESG the eLearning Journal Award 2021 in the Micro Learning category for this achievement – an accolade that not only underscores the importance of active executive involvement, but also highlights the benefits of a professional and entertaining e-learning format.

Train your employees

Information Classification
Information Security

Information Classification

Create clarity and structure through information classification - the foundation of information protection.

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CEO Fraud
Information Security

CEO Fraud

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Information Security When Traveling
Information Security

Information Security When Traveling

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Social Engineering
Information Security

Social Engineering

Exposing the perfidious tricks and manipulations of attackers and reacting correctly.

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