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A learning management system (LMS) is the basis for the digital training and further development of your workforce. The mybreev Content Delivery Platform offers a user-friendly solution to provide the digital learning content in your company in an uncomplicated way.
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In the jungle of features, the core task of learning management systems is often lost; namely, to make digital learning content accessible to everyone in the company in the most uncomplicated and targeted way possible. mybreev's content delivery platform offers companies an e-learning system that puts learning content and learners first.
Flexible e-learning system

Flexible e-learning system

Individual configuration: Use only the features you need for successful digital training.

Provide knowledge sustainably

Provide knowledge sustainably

Fresh knowledge anywhere and anytime - the e-learning courses can be accessed by your employees at their convenience and over and over again.

Safe learning

Safe learning

mybreev's content delivery platform is hosted in Germany and is 100% DSGVO compliant.


Participant & certificate management

Create learners - assign courses - keep an eye on learning success. After successful completion of the online courses, learners receive a certificate.

Corporate Design

Strengthen your brand - especially in the environment of digital awareness and continuing education. The Content Delivery Platform can be customized to your corporate design.

Course Management

Manage e-learning courses according to your needs and define which courses should be completed when and by whom.


With the user-friendly dashboard, both course participants and training managers can keep track of their learning success.


The Content Delivery Platform complies with the requirements of the GDPR and can be used in a legally secure manner. The Content Delivery Platform is hosted in Germany.

Document Management

In addition to the e-learning courses, you can also provide supplementary documents to employees as desired.

E-Learning Content

The heart of an e-learning project is the learning content. Add high-quality e-learning courses from the Security Island Library to the learning system.

Best practice

Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach uses the Online Academy Cloud in combination with the Security Island Library (over 100 e-learning courses). With the Borussia E-Learning Portal, the club, which is organized as a medium-sized enterprise, is setting a decisive course in the digital training of its employees.

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