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Sustainability in the company

Companies bear a great responsibility for their environment. Valuable resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Sustainable handling of them and the environment is therefore becoming a success factor for companies. Customers and applicants are also increasingly paying attention to a company's ecological image when making their choice. With this e-learning series: 

  • Promote the responsible use of resources by your employees.
  • Sensitize your workforce to sustainable action
  • Provide practical advice for everyday work

Sustainability in the company - E-Learning Kurs

Excerpts from the courses

Video-based and interactive

Video-based and interactive

With realistic case studies and interactive quiz elements, we offer e-learning that captivates your employees and makes every topic tangible.

In several languages

In several languages

We localize our courses in any language you require. Subtitles and texts as well as voice over - with us you will receive full training in every language.

Easy Access

Easy Access

Our courses can be easily integrated into your learning management system or delivered via our own online academy.

Training sustainability in many facets

To promote sustainability within the company and its personnel, organizations can take various measures. Raising awareness and training on the topic of sustainability is a comprehensive measure to promote awareness of sustainability among employees. This is because it gives rise to the inspiration to act with foresight, develop sustainable ideas and establish sustainable processes.

Awareness is also part of the sustainability strategy

Raising employee awareness of sustainability is critical. Increased awareness can bring many benefits that pay off for companies and society:

  • Contribution to environmental protection: by operating in a sustainable manner, companies can make a positive contribution to environmental protection. Employees are an important factor here, as they have a significant impact on the company's environmental footprint through their behavior and working practices.
  • Image improvement: Companies that are committed to sustainability can improve their image and be perceived as responsible players. This enables them to stand out from competitors and win over customers, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Cost savings: Sustainable ways of working can also lead to cost savings, for example by using energy-efficient equipment or reducing waste and wastefulness.
  • Employee retention: Employees who identify with the company's sustainability goals tend to be more motivated and engaged. Raising employee awareness of sustainability issues can therefore also contribute to employee retention.

Background knowledge, practical tips and measures for more sustainability

We teach you about sustainability in a variety of courses from different perspectives. On the one hand, corporate sustainability includes a certain basic knowledge, which is imparted to the workforce in the courses Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the Company - Basic Course. On the other hand, the responsibility of each individual in the company is addressed with the e-learning Klimaclever on the job with practical sustainability tips. But the strategic level of sustainability is also presented. In the courses Sustainability Strategies for Business or also in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) course, sustainability is viewed strategically and the future viability of companies is addressed directly.


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