What once went around the world as a jingle from a then leading American media group now sounds like a relic from the old days. And it is – because a lot has changed since then. Today, it is impossible to imagine everyday business life without e-mail. But although still the queen of messaging systems, her reigency seems to be dooomed. Innovative alternatives have long since taken over her throne. While e-mail, as the successor to telegram and letter post, had a lasting impact on everyday working life for a long time, companies today are focusing on new ways of internal and external communication. What has long been a reality in the private sphere is now also becoming increasingly prevalent in the working environment. But innovative solutions not only offer advantages.

Effectively protect information and IT systems: Get your employees involved

Social media services, mobile messengers or other systems: The way companies are dealing with information is changing – and this is not without consequences for those responsible for security. Because with them come new cyber security requirement. If they are not met, there is a risk of information loss, damage to reputation or even the outage of important systems and components. For this reason, the immanent threats of new systems must be examined and evaluated as part of a comprehensive risk analysis in order to define appropriate protective measures and implement them throughout the company. The involvement of your employees plays a vital role in this process.

Strengthening cyber and information security with professional training solutions

Make your employees aware of the security risks coming along with innovative communication tools and thereby prevent errors and misuse. Create understanding for organizational and system security measures and increase both information and cyber security in your company. Security Island helps achieving this: We offer modular e-learnings on information security and cyber security. Training contents tailored to specific everyday situations draw attention to the threats in handling information and IT systems and offer practical guidance. Our training solutions can be easily booked for any number of participants and implemented flexibly – whether via the mybreev Online Academy or integrated into your company's LMS.