VIERSEN, Germany (August 1, 2020) – mybreev, one of the leading European providers of online training and distance learning solutions with the focus on security, safety, cyber and compliance, today announces a new key staff for further international expansion and growth. With immediate effect, Sven Leidel is be responsible for the internationalization of the mybreev Group as the Managing Partner of the Global Sales Partner & Broker Program. With this expert, further access to new international markets for mybreev will open up. 

The expansion through the new Global Sales Partner & Broker Program will allow mybreev to grow faster and more target-oriented than before. "With Sven Leidel, we have brought on board my favorite candidate for further expansion. He is a proven and internationally recognized security expert, a renowned book author and an honorary University lecturer, conference speaker, and also extremely well connected worldwide. I am convinced that his 25+ years expertise will take our international sales activities to a new level," says Uwe Röniger, Managing Director of mybreev.

 Uwe Röniger, Managing Director of mybreev

Sven Leidel comments: "For me, digital as well as mobile training solutions have always been the right approach for employers, apart from the standard classroom education and workshops. Employee training courses that can be done anywhere in the world, at any time, using different devices and at one's own personal pace are contemporary, future-oriented and cost-efficient.” Uwe Röniger continues: "With the Global Sales Partner & Broker Program, we are addressing local experts and companies from the service and consulting sector who are interested in including mybreev's products, solutions and training tools in their sales portfolio; and this without any investment, financial risk or obligation. There is no faster and simpler way to achieve additional revenue with existing customers."

 Sven Leidel, Managing Director of mybreev international 

"In addition to our existing core competency (security, safety, cyber and compliance), we are also open to new related business areas. Within the framework of the Sales Partner & Broker Program, we also offer content authors the opportunity to realize their ideas thematically and to find the right tool for the worldwide marketing of their own expertise with the mybreev platform," concludes Sven Leidel.

In the German-speaking countries, mybreev is known as “The Pioneer for Security, Safety, Cyber and Compliance e-Learnings”. Since some providers focus mainly on content for just one area or topic, such as Cyber Security or Travel Security, “mybreev has it all, as a one-stop shopping solution”. 

In addition to multinational corporations, SME´s and NGO´s, mybreev's long-standing customers also include professional business associations, sport clubs and other organizations. All training solutions are designed in such a way that they can be used independently of the equipment, the software as well as the brand. All training contents can either be technically implemented in an existing LMS (Learn Management System) or made available via the mybreev LMS or Online Academy. 

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