Travel Safety - Emergency Situations

A deadly virus has broken out, a terrorist has detonated a bomb in the subway or is taking you hostage. This course helps you to be well prepared for exceptional situations, even during business trips. Using examples, your employees learn behavioral patterns that can help you in dangerous situations.

Technical Information
FormatHTML5 & SCORM 1.2 
Available inYour LMS or our Online Acadamy 
LanguageGerman, English 
Course Duration25 - 30 Minutes 
CustomizingWe individualize your course 
Quiz10 Quizzes 
Number of Course Chapters6 Chapters
What your employees learn in this elearning course
  • Comprehensible overview of possible risks in exceptional situations
  • Practical examples of various hazard scenarios and their solutions
  • Clear information on what to do if you become the victim of a hostage-taking or kidnapping
  • Structured insights into the legal situation in the case of drug or medication abuse
  • Reliable tips to protect yourself from infectious diseases
  • Solid knowledge to keep a cool head even in exceptional situations
  • More info