Sensitize employees - Corona E-Learning Package

Mitarbeitende sensibilisieren

The pandemic and its consequences are not yet over - which makes it all the more important for companies to involve their employees in the current situation. This means more than compulsory masks and the provision of disinfectants - it is much more important to raise awareness and support the workforce as a whole. This e-learning package helps to communicate important topics throughout the company.

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Technical Information
FormatHTML5 & SCORM 1.2 
Abrufbar inLMS / Online Acadamy 
SpracheDeutsch, Englisch 
Gesamtdauer der vier Kurse60 - 80 Minuten 
WissensüberprüfungEnthält Rätsel und Quizze 
CustomizingWir individualisieren Ihren Kurs 
Number of Course Chapters4 Chapters
What your employees learn
  • A holistic view of the pandemic
  • Prevent mental stress in the office and home office
  • Instruction according to the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standard
  • Secure business travel and meetings with customers and partners
  • General sensitization for the topic "Corona
  • More info


"Why to sensitize employees even more? - There are enough masks and disinfectants available!"

Especially in times when the prescribed measures are increasingly being questioned, it is important to provide information. The regular sensitization regarding the measures in the form of an e-learning course can help. Involve your employees - explain your measures and their background.

Is a SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety instruction not sufficient?

The SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety standard is an important part of responsible handling of the corona virus at the workplace and not to forget legal obligations! However, occupational safety training does not cover all areas affected by the pandemic in companies and employees. This includes, for example, the additional psychological stress at the workplace for employees or intensive instruction on correct behavior during business trips during the pandemic.