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"Everyday energy thieves aren't always recognizable as such, yet they can become a serious problem. Some proven tactics can help: In our e-learning on the topic "Stressbusters", they learn how to deal specifically with large and small energy robbers."

Technical Course Information
Format HTML5 & SCORM 1.2 
Available in Your LMS or our Online Acadamy 
Language German, English 
Course Duration 25 -30 Minutes 
Quiz 5 Quizzez 
Customizing We individualize your course 
Number of Course Chapters 7 modules
What your employees learn
  • Recognize the personal, daily energy thieves
  • Correct switching off for effective stress management
  • Working methods that reduce stress
  • Regulate and control stress in everyday work independently
  • More info

7 Course Chapters

Every course module you find here can be used as a short learning unit – also called Learning Nugget. Do you have any questions about the course content? – We would be glad to help you.

Course Insight


Digital Balance
Mental Health at Work

Digital Balance

Digital media can be stressful. Learn to deal with them in a way that is good for you.

10+ Quiz

25 - 30 Min.

Dealing with Mental Stress - Basics
Mental Health at Work

Dealing with Mental Stress - Basics

Learn about the causes of psychological stress in the workplace and how to deal with them.

4 Quiz

20 - 25 Min.

Daily energy thieves
Mental Health at Work

Daily energy thieves

Learn to develop new habits to bring balance to your workday.

5 Quiz

25 - 30 Min.

No Fear of Fear
Mental Health at Work

No Fear of Fear

Learn helpful techniques to confront your anxiety so that it no longer scares you.

5 Quiz

30 - 35 Min.

Mindfulness in business life
Mental Health at Work

Mindfulness in business life

Learn to be more mindful - more mindful of yourself and others, and discover your mind in a whole new way.

6 Quiz

30 Min.

Resilience in business
Mental Health at Work

Resilience in business

Embark on a journey to your inner strength. You will be amazed at what there is to discover within you.

4 Quiz

40 - 45 Min.

You want an individualised e-learning course?

In consultation with you, we will create an custom e-learning course that is precisely tailored to your company processes. Contact us!
You want an individualised e-learning course?

Daily energy thieves: How to protect your mental health at work

In the hectic day-to-day work environment, there are often numerous factors that can rob our energy and affect our mental health. It's important to be aware of these energy robbers and take appropriate steps to maintain wellness in the workplace. With healthy routines, focus and mindfulness, you can protect your mental health.

Healthy routines to get you off to a good start

A healthy routine in the morning can have a positive impact on your day. Take time to rest and relax before you go to work. This can include meditation, yoga or simply reading a book. By doing something good for yourself, you'll energize yourself for the day and strengthen your mental resilience.

Don't multitask, focus

Multitasking can lead to overload and stress. Instead of doing multiple tasks at once, focus on one task at a time. Set clear priorities and create an uncluttered workspace to work effectively. By focusing on one thing at a time, you can increase your productivity while reducing stress.

Mindfulness in the workplace

Practicing mindfulness can help calm your mind and be present in the moment. Take short breaks regularly to breathe consciously and center yourself. Avoid being overwhelmed by constant interruptions or digital distractions. By being mindful, you can improve your concentration and reduce stress.


How can the e-learning courses be used in the company?

Our courses are delivered in SCORM 1.2 format. You can thus integrate the e-learning into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or make it available to all desired employees via our in-house Online Academy.

How much does course licensing cost?

This depends on various factors:

  • Number of employees to be trained
  • Licensing period
  • Degree of course customization desired (optional)
  • Licensing of other e-learning courses from Security Island

We will be happy to support you in finding your suitable licensing model!

Can the e-learning course be individualized?

Every Security Island e-learning course can be adapted to your corporate design and your company processes. Due to our flexible production method, individualizations can also be realized at short notice. 

The costs for the individualization depend on the effort of the adaptations. This can be determined in a free initial consultation.

Who is responsible for the content of the e-learning courses?

All our e-learning courses are written by experienced specialist authors who are an integral part of Security Island's courses. For content-related queries and adaptations, they are available to our customers with advice and support.