Dealing with Mental Stress - Basics

Mental stress leads to chronic illnesses and absences in many companies. Due to stress, a bad working atmosphere or inadequate supervisor behaviour, competent employees resign or lose motivation in the long term. In the worst case, your company loses its productivity, valuable skilled workers - and its reputation on the job market. In this course you will learn how to prevent psychological stress.

Technical Information
FormatHTML5 & SCORM 
Available inYour LMS or in our Online Academy 
LanguageEnglish, German  
Course DurationUp to 25 Minutes 
Quiz4 Quizzez 
CustomizingWe individualize your course 
Number of Course Chapters6 Chapters
What you learn
  • Understandable insights into the psychological and psychiatric aspects of cooperation
  • Clear tips to reduce stress more easily
  • Clear tips for positive self-influence
  • Vivid examples for solving conflicts between colleagues
  • Solid knowledge for coping with burnout and stress
  • Reliable tips to effectively protect employees
  • More info


How can the e-learning courses be used in the company?

Our courses are delivered in SCORM 1.2 format. You can thus integrate the e-learning into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or make it available to all desired employees via our in-house Online Academy.

How much does course licensing cost?

This depends on various factors:

  • Number of employees to be trained
  • Licensing period
  • Degree of course customization desired (optional)
  • Licensing of other e-learning courses from Security Island

We will be happy to support you in finding your suitable licensing model!

Kann der E-Learning Kurs individualisiert werden?

Jeder Security Island E-Learning Kurs kann auf Ihr Corporate Design und auf Ihre Unternehmensprozesse angepasst werden. Durch unsere flexible Produktionsweise können Individualisierungen auch kurzfristig realisiert werden. 

Die Kosten für die Individualisierung hängen von dem Aufwand der Anpassungen ab. Dieser kann in einer kostenlosen Erstberatung ermittelt werden. 

Wer verantwortet die Inhalte der E-Learning Kurse?

Alle unsere E-Learning Kurse werden von erfahrenen Fachautorinnen und Fachautoren verfasst, die fester Bestandteil der Kurse von Security Island sind. Für inhaltliche Rückfragen und Anpassungen stehen sie unseren Kunden mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.