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Working during the Pandemic

In order to minimise the damage at work in times of pandemic, a uniform and binding occupational health and safety standard was drawn up nationwide by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the German Social Accident Insurance. With this course, we want to support companies and organisations in ensuring that they can work as safely as possible in their own workplaces.

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Technical Information
FormatHTML5 & SCORM 1.2 
Available inYour LMS or in our Online Academy 
LanguageEnglish, German  
Course DurationUp to 30 Minutes 
DeviceDesktop, Tablet, Smartphone 
Number of modules10 modules 
Number of Course Chapters10 Chapters
What you get out of this course
  • Behaviour in the home office and in the office
  • Instructions for highly frequented rooms
  • Dealing with external personnel
  • Handling of business trips and meetings
  • Correct handling of mouth-nose-cover
  • Correct behaviour in case of suspected infection
  • More info

More than distance rules and compulsory masks

This course deals with the dangers that can occur more frequently at work during the pandemic. What are the rules on spacing in the company, where does the mask obligation apply and how should attendance appointments be dealt with? We will support you in preparing your employees comprehensively for these and other questions in order to minimize the risks in everyday business life.

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When it comes to health risks in the workplace, effective occupational safety is the order of the day. The supplementary SARS-CoV 2 occupational health and safety standard, which was recently adopted, is not only an important milestone, but also an expression of our special corporate responsibility.

Karl-Heinz Röniger, Course Author