Phished Again! - Playfully detect Phishing

Phishing, i.e. the attempt to steal passwords and access data, is one of the most dangerous and effective ways of fraud, blackmail and corporate espionage. Phished Again! is a real security awareness game that allows you to train dangerous scenarios in a simulation without risk - without causing pressure or restraint on the part of the users.

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What "Phished Again!" is about
  • Simulation of deceptively real phishing mails in a playful learning environment
  • Users decide for themselves how to deal with individual mails
  • Helpful and entertaining comments on every single decision
  • Safe, entertaining trial and error instead of anxious restraint
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How does "Phished Again!" differ from simulated phishing attacks in a real learning environment?

Although there are already some simulations that address the topic of "defense against phishing attacks", these solutions have a clear weakness. The simulated attacks are sent directly to the employees' mail accounts, which can lead to uncertainty among employees. Companies report that after being confronted with such simulated phishing mails, employees hardly dared to open further mails or their attachments. That's why "Phished Again!" relies on a completely autonomous, virtual desktop environment that takes away all fears of contact from the user.

How does the game work from the user's perspective?

Within a simulated desktop environment, the player opens different incoming e-mails and examines them for different phishing characteristics. Suspicious elements of such a mail can be marked by the users. At the end of each round, the player receives a resolution and a comment on his actions. Through this direct feedback the user learns more and more about phishing mails and how they work.

Can the game be customized?

The game can be adapted to your corporate design as well as the content of individual phishing mails. So you can have the kind of phishing mails that could be dangerous for your company integrated into the game?