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What "Phished Again!" is about
  • Simulation of deceptively real phishing mails in a playful learning environment
  • Users decide for themselves how to deal with individual mails
  • Helpful and entertaining comments on every single decision
  • Safe, entertaining trial and error instead of anxious restraint
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Cyber Security - Basics
Cyber Security

Cyber Security - Basics

Entertaining training in IT security basics to increase awareness throughout the company.

6 Quiz

25 - 30 Min.

Phishing - Safe from digital data theft
Cyber Security

Phishing - Safe from digital data theft

Show different perspectives for successful protection: Phishing from the perspective of employees and hackers.

5 Quiz

30 Min.

Working in the home office
Cyber Security

Working in the home office

Home office is becoming more of a rule than an exception - awareness for home office should be too.

5 Quiz

15 - 20 Min.

Working safely with emails
Cyber Security

Working safely with emails

Don't give cyber criminals a chance via emails and interpret their attacks in time.

6 Quiz

25 - 30 Min.

Working with mobile devices - safely on the road
Cyber Security

Working with mobile devices - safely on the road

Working with mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular. Make your workforce aware of how to use them safely.

Secure handling of social media
Cyber Security

Secure handling of social media

Whether in private or in the company: Hackers are increasingly making use of information shared on social media.

3 Quiz

20 Min.

Phished Again! - Playfully detect Phishing
Cyber Security

Phished Again! - Playfully detect Phishing

The phishing game in which you playfully sensitize your employees to the perfidious methods of hackers.

Personal Email Usage
Cyber Security

Personal Email Usage

Learn how to handle corporate emails safely and correctly.

4 Quiz

25 Min.

You want an individualised e-learning course?

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You want an individualised e-learning course?

Phished Again! - Detect phishing with ease

Phishing is a booming business: For years, this trend has not stopped - on the contrary: The attackers are becoming more and more perfidious in their attempts to capture sensitive information such as passwords or other access data. They are constantly adapting to the latest developments and devising new methods to deceive their victims. This is why regular sensitization of employees and managers is so important.

„Phished Again!" sets new standards

With "Phished Again!" and its playful approach, Security-Island is now setting new standards in awareness: "Phished Again!" is a security awareness game for companies, with which dangerous scenarios can be trained in a simulation. Here, deceptively real phishing e-mails are simulated in a playful learning environment - now the participants must decide for themselves how they want to deal with the respective e-mails.

Raising awareness among employees and managers through play

With "Phished Again!", employees and managers are made aware of the risk of phishing in a fun way. Thanks to the helpful and at the same time entertaining comments on each decision, the participants have the opportunity to reconsider their own decision and thus draw conclusions for the next case study. This makes "Phished Again!" not only an enrichment of your training and awareness program, but also a real added value for your company's information and cyber security.


How does "Phished Again!" differ from simulated phishing attacks in a real learning environment?

Although there are already some simulations that address the topic of "defense against phishing attacks", these solutions have a clear weakness. The simulated attacks are sent directly to the employees' mail accounts, which can lead to uncertainty among employees. Companies report that after being confronted with such simulated phishing mails, employees hardly dared to open further mails or their attachments. That's why "Phished Again!" relies on a completely autonomous, virtual desktop environment that takes away all fears of contact from the user.

How does the game work from the user's perspective?

Within a simulated desktop environment, the player opens different incoming e-mails and examines them for different phishing characteristics. Suspicious elements of such a mail can be marked by the users. At the end of each round, the player receives a resolution and a comment on his actions. Through this direct feedback the user learns more and more about phishing mails and how they work.

Can the game be customized?

The game can be adapted to your corporate design as well as the content of individual phishing mails. So you can have the kind of phishing mails that could be dangerous for your company integrated into the game?