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Successfully fend off cyber gangsters - with the IT security e-learning library of Deutschen Telekom and mybreev

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Borussia Mönchengladbach uses the entire Security Island E-Learning Library for the digital training of their employees. 

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"Phishing, vishing, smishing - do you know the difference? In order to protect themselves effectively against the growing cyber dangers, employees must know and understand the threat and the attackers' approach. A basic cybersecurity course will teach you the most important basics."

Technical Information
Format HTML5 & SCORM 1.2 
Available in Your LMS or our Online Acadamy 
Language German, English 
Course Duration 20 - 25 Minutes 
Quiz 6 Quizzez 
Customizing We individualize your course 
Number of Course Chapters 8 modules
What your employees learn
  • Basics about Cyber Security
  • Risk factors of a cyber attack
  • Background information about targets, perpetrators and routes of attack
  • Effects of a cyber attack
  • Basic protection measures in the office and on the road
  • Behavior in case of a security incident
  • More info

8 Course Chapters

Every course module you find here can be used as a short learning unit – also called Learning Nugget. Do you have any questions about the course content? – We would be glad to help you.

Course Insight


Cyber Security - Basics
Cyber Security

Cyber Security - Basics

Entertaining training in IT security basics to increase awareness throughout the company.

6 Quiz

25 - 30 Min.

Phishing - Safe from digital data theft
Cyber Security

Phishing - Safe from digital data theft

Show different perspectives for successful protection: Phishing from the perspective of employees and hackers.

5 Quiz

30 Min.

Working in the home office
Cyber Security

Working in the home office

Home office is becoming more of a rule than an exception - awareness for home office should be too.

5 Quiz

15 - 20 Min.

Working safely with emails
Cyber Security

Working safely with emails

Don't give cyber criminals a chance via emails and interpret their attacks in time.

6 Quiz

25 - 30 Min.

Working with mobile devices - safely on the road
Cyber Security

Working with mobile devices - safely on the road

Working with mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular. Make your workforce aware of how to use them safely.

Secure handling of social media
Cyber Security

Secure handling of social media

Whether in private or in the company: Hackers are increasingly making use of information shared on social media.

3 Quiz

20 Min.

Phished Again! - Playfully detect Phishing
Cyber Security

Phished Again! - Playfully detect Phishing

The phishing game in which you playfully sensitize your employees to the perfidious methods of hackers.

Personal Email Usage
Cyber Security

Personal Email Usage

Learn how to handle corporate emails safely and correctly.

4 Quiz

25 Min.

You want an individualised e-learning course?

In consultation with you, we will create an custom e-learning course that is precisely tailored to your company processes. Contact us!
You want an individualised e-learning course?

Employee training on IT security increasingly important

Employees are among the most popular targets of hackers and cyber criminals. This is mainly due to the fact that there is often a lack of up-to-date awareness and know-how to recognize and prevent attacks in good time. The lack of attention, which is often lost in the daily routines and everyday stress, is exploited. This makes it all the more important to offer employees regular training opportunities on the topic of IT security in order to increase security awareness and thus the security of the company.

Cyber attacks are possible everywhere - why not security awareness?

Flexible IT security e-learning courses, integrated into a comprehensive security awareness strategy, are an integral part of effective awareness. Especially as the methods of cyber attacks become more diverse and change with advances of all kinds, a flexible training model is a must-have. Flexible here means making training available to employees at all times and providing content that keeps up with the times and your pitfalls. 

Develop a sense of potential cyber threats

Security Island's cyber security training is less about becoming an expert in the field. Instead, the goal is to develop a sense of potential threats in a sustainable way. This includes understanding hackers' attack methods, learning about appropriate countermeasures, and responding in a way that minimizes damage in the event of a security incident. 

By showing scenarios from everyday work and through the interactive training elements, the users get close to the reality of the threat and can react adequately in a real case.


How can the e-learning courses be used in the company?

Our courses are delivered in SCORM 1.2 format. You can thus integrate the e-learning into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or make it available to all desired employees via our in-house Online Academy.

How much does course licensing cost?

This depends on various factors:

  • Number of employees to be trained
  • Licensing period
  • Degree of course customization desired (optional)
  • Licensing of other e-learning courses from Security Island

We will be happy to support you in finding your suitable licensing model!

Can the e-learning course be individualized?

Every Security Island e-learning course can be adapted to your corporate design and your company processes. Due to our flexible production method, individualizations can also be realized at short notice. 

The costs for the individualization depend on the effort of the adaptations. This can be determined in a free initial consultation.

Who is responsible for the content of the e-learning courses?

All our e-learning courses are written by experienced specialist authors who are an integral part of Security Island's courses. For content-related queries and adaptations, they are available to our customers with advice and support.