Working in the home office

Zu Hause gut geschützt

For commuters and parents, in particular, the home office is a relief in everyday working life. But working from home requires additional security measures to protect the security of your data. From Internet settings to the use of private devices and the handling of sensitive data: All this work in the home office can be rethought and regulated. This course helps you to work safely at home.

Technical Information
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LanguageEnglish, German  
Course Duration15 - 20 Minutes 
DeviceDesktop, Tablet, Smartphone 
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Quiz5 Quizzes 
Number of Course Chapters7 Chapters
What you get out of this course
  • Information on the special needs in the home office
  • Concrete examples to illustrate recognizable dangers in the home office
  • Understandable basics for safe work at home
  • Practical tips and technical security measures
  • A structured overview of the dos and Don’ts at the home office
  • More info

Home Office - Handle the cyber security challange at home!

Gain a detailed overview of which cyber risks arise in the home office environment and which easy measures are suitable for securing your information at home.

Cyber Risks in the Homeoffice
Which cyber risks endanger your employees in the Home-Office?
What is a Clean Desk Policy?
Learn the positive effects of following the Clean Desk Policy also at home.
Learn from the mistakes of others!
Learn from real life examples how to behave in certain home office situations.