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Cyber Security - E-Learning Kurse

Excerpts from the courses

  • Videobasiert und interaktiv

    Mithilfe von realistischen Fallbeispielen und interaktiven Quizelementen bieten wir ein E-Learning, das Ihre Mitarbeitenden einbindet und jedes Thema greifbar macht.

  • In mehreren Sprachen

    Wir lokalisieren unsere Kurse auf alle gewünschten Sprachen. Sowohl die Untertitel und Texte als auch das Voice Over mit Native Speakern - bei uns erhalten Sie ein vollwertiges Training in jeder Sprache.

  • Einfach abrufbar

    Unsere Kurse lassen sich ganz einfach in Ihr Lernmanagement-System integrieren oder über unsere Online Academy Cloud abrufen.

Cyber Security in the Enterprise: Employees are targeted by attackers

The Internet is full of dangers - and the further digitization progresses, the more vulnerable companies become to cyber risks. Criminals are constantly developing new methods to enrich themselves on the Net or to obtain sensitive data. Effective protection is difficult because: The biggest security risk is often the company's own employees. Without even realizing it, they can fall for the devious tricks of online fraudsters. The result is immense damage for the companies. For this reason, it is important to sensitize employees to IT security.

Security awareness training as an important component of IT security

The Cyber Security Channel from Security Island, a product of mybreev GmbH, has been developed specifically for the needs of companies. The included e-learning courses form a complete "Security Awareness Training" with very practice-oriented prepared contents. This IT security training is therefore also of interest to employees who have little to do with IT security in their day-to-day work.

Home office: training shows cyber risks of working at home

With the onset of the corona pandemic in 2020, the topic of cyber security has once again gained in importance. Companies needed to enable their employees to work from home in the shortest possible time - without losing sight of security.

The training course "Working in the home office: information well protected at home" included in the Cyber Security Channel addresses precisely this issue. With practical examples, participants in this IT security training are prepared for the cyber security risks associated with working in a home office.

Cyber security training: How to handle laptops, smartphones and the like securely.

To allow employees to work in their own homes, many companies have purchased company laptops. The risks of using mobile devices are therefore an essential part of cyber security training. Because mobile devices like laptops and smartphones contain lots of sensitive and personal information, companies need to train their employees on how to protect that data.

Security Island's Cyber Security Channel includes an e-learning course dedicated exclusively to "Working with Mobile Devices: Staying Safe on the Go." Participants learn how to help prevent sensitive company data from being put at risk by acting prudently.

Training employees: E-mails may be part of everyday life - but they still harbor dangers

Cyber criminals sometimes use very perfidious methods to deceive their victims. To protect yourself against this, you need to keep your cyber security knowledge up to date at all times. One example: e-mails are an integral part of everyday business life. Fraudsters know this, too. They send deceptively real-looking e-mails in order to steal confidential information. Attackers often invest a lot of time to spy on their victims and build the perfect trap. Email fraud has reached a new dimension. Not even experienced Internet users are safe from it.

The "Cyber Security" training course "Working with e-mail: secure digital communication" shows the tricks of the criminals. Participants in this IT security training course are enabled to recognize dangerous e-mails. By being made aware of "anti-phishing" methods, for example, they reduce the risk of falling victim to such an attack. Of course, this e-learning course is also included in Security Island's Cyber Security Channel.

Security awareness training prepares for social media risks

But emails are not the only means of communication that should be treated with caution. Social media can also pose a risk to companies. Companies would be well advised to raise their employees' awareness of this risk.

To this end, Security Island has developed the IT security course "Dealing with social media: safe despite online presence". Those who take part learn how cyber criminals use social networks to enrich themselves - the spectrum ranges from industrial espionage to identity theft. Again, only those who know the dangers can protect themselves.

Sensitize employees to the important topic of cyber security with e-learning

And this, it cannot be repeated often enough, is immensely important. If an employee carelessly opens an e-mail attachment - and thereby installs dangerous malware, this can paralyze the entire company. As a result, not only are high costs incurred, but trust in the company also suffers.

If you take precautions, you can avoid such damage. Security Island's Cyber Security Channel examines the topic from many angles, provides numerous practical examples and gives participants the opportunity to test their knowledge themselves. It is possible to access the complete e-learning program of the Cyber Security Channel or to access specific content.