Emergency and crisis management in the company

No company is safe from crisis. That's why forward-looking corporate security is always interlinked with professional crisis management. This includes not only reacting confidently in the event of an acute crisis, but also crisis prevention and continuous monitoring to identify potential crises at an early stage and prepare for them. In this module you will learn how to increase the resistance of your company to crises, what to do in case of an emergency and how typical crises can ideally be prevented.

What you get out of this course

  • Companies learn how to create a safe workplace
  • Practical tips for employees and managers in emergencies and crises
  • Preventive measures to strengthen self-confidence in precarious situations
  • Legal advice for sovereign communication in case of emergency
  • Solid knowledge of how to organise aid
  • Clear information on psychological intervention in exceptional emotional situations

Technische Informationen

FormatHTML5 & SCORM 1.2
Available inYour LMS or in our Online Academy
LanguageEnglish, German
Course DurationUp to 30 Minutes
DeviceDesktop, Tablet, Smartphone
Number of modules8 modules