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"The last few years are a prime example of the need for an effective business continuity management system. In particular, the gradual return to normal operations will show who did their homework wisely - and who didn't."

Technical Information
Format HTML5 & SCORM 1.2 
Available in Your LMS or in our Online Academy 
Language English, German  
Course Duration Up to 30 Minutes 
Device Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone 
Number of modules 8 modules 
What you get out of this course
  • What you get out of this course
  • Solid information on the specifications according to ISO 22301
  • Practical tips for implementing, operating and maintaining a BCM
  • Clear tips to identify possible effects of crises and incidents
  • Solid knowledge to establish an image of integrity and long-term customer loyalty
  • Clear instructions to create a professional BCM
  • More info


Emergency and crisis management in the company
Crisis Management

Emergency and crisis management in the company

No company is safe from crisis. That's why forward-looking corporate security is always interlinked with professional crisis management. This includes not only reacting confidently in the event of an acute crisis, but also crisis prevention and continuous monitoring to identify potential crises at an early stage and prepare for them. In this module you will learn how to increase the resistance of your company to crises, what to do in case of an emergency and how typical crises can ideally be prevented.

4 Quiz

25 Min.

Basics of BCM - Safe Behaviour in Exceptional Situations
Crisis Management

Basics of BCM - Safe Behaviour in Exceptional Situations

Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensures that you can continue your business processes without interruption. BCM looks for potential risks that could endanger the company. With BCM, risks are identified and can usually be avoided before they occur. In this way, BCM increases your resistance to weak economic situations, damage to your reputation or financial crises - and thus ensures the continued existence of the company.

30 Min.

Crisis Communication
Crisis Management

Crisis Communication

In the event of a crisis, it is essential to react as quickly as possible – Learn how professional crisis communication works.

5 Quiz

20 Min.

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Basics of BCM: Safe behavior in exceptional situations

In exceptional situations, safe behavior is of utmost importance. Business continuity management (BCM) lays the foundations for how employees can react appropriately in crisis situations.

Communication as the key to success

Effective communication is a crucial factor in exceptional situations. Companies should establish clear lines of communication and ensure that employees are aware of emergency plans and procedures. Regular training and drills can help improve communication skills in crisis situations. In addition, companies should create a communication plan that establishes clear guidelines for information sharing and the exchange of important information.

Prevention and awareness

Prevention plays a critical role in BCM. Companies should take proactive measures to prevent exceptional situations or minimize their impact. This includes regular risk analyses, security training and the implementation of security measures. Employees should be informed about potential hazards and know about the correct behavior in emergencies.