Compliance Introduction

The e-learning on Introduction to Compliance shows which standards companies must meet in order to comply with their supervisory duty and avoid liability.

You learn:
  • Components of a Compliance Management System
  • Why no company can avoid compliance
  • The most important application areas of compliance
  • Existing liability risks of your company
  • Building blocks and processes for efficient compliance
  • How can one avoid possible liability?

The requirements for compliance management are constantly increasing

Compliance is becoming increasingly important for companies and institutions. The number of compliance incidents has been rising steadily for years. It is unclear whether this is due to increasing transparency, e.g. through the Internet, or to ever stricter regulations. However, companies everywhere are feeling that more stringent laws and regulations are complicating business more and more. Remember: Without proven supervision and diligence, without risk assessment and without compliance, you will quickly become liable. So stay on top of the most important compliance issues.

Rising number of scandals and court proceedings

In fact, the number of court cases involving fines and judgments on liability and damages has increased rapidly. Without adequate compliance measures, the risks for companies of becoming liable increase rapidly. Companies are liable for the misconduct of their employees and may even be liable for the misconduct of their business partners.

Compliance Measures: Structural - Procedural - Personal

The Introduction to Compliance modules list all essential structural, process-specific and personal compliance measures in the most important areas of action and topics that you need for effective and efficient compliance.

Technical Information

FormatHTML5 & SCORM 1.2
Available inIn your LMS or in our Online Academy
LanguageEnglish, German
Course Duration30 Minutes
DeviceDesktop, Tablet, Smartphone
Number of Course Chapters7 Chapters


What is compliance about?

Compliance Management is responsible for

  • compliance with all laws applicable to your business
  • industry-specific special laws, regulations, guidelines and ordinances
  • specific standards and contractual obligations
  • Voluntary requirements and voluntary commitments
  • the enforcement of internal company rules, guidelines, work instructions, contracts and regulations for your own company, but also for business partners
  • the enforcement of governance in the company in all its forms

What questions are there in Compliance Management?

In the Introduction to Compliance, you will gain an efficient overview of the most important compliance topics:

  • What is Compliance and what does it do?
  • What compliance risks exist in your company?
  • Who can be held liable?
  • Avoidance of corruption
  • Competitive compliance
  • Trade Compliance: The international trading business
  •  3rd Party Compliance: Know Your Business Partners
  • Obligations of the company in preventing money laundering whistleblower systems
  • How do I set up compliance processes?
  • How do I set up a compliance management system?

What are the goals of a compliance management system?

  • Detection and sanctioning of compliance violations already committed 
  • Prevention of future illegal behavior and avoidance of compliance violations 
  • avoidance of criminal sanctions (e.g. imprisonment, fines or penalties, claims for damages, sanctions) 
  • Avoiding damage to reputation 
  • Credibility internally and externally 
  • Strengthening of business relationships as a result 
  • Better ranking with investors/creditworthiness 
  • Corporate culture based on prevention 
  • Qualification as contractor for the public sector

Compliance geht jeden etwas an – ganz gleich ob Führungskraft, Mitarbeiter oder Praktikant. Die Einhaltung geltender Gesetze, Regularien und interner Bestimmungen ist grundlegend, um rechtliche Konflikte zu vermeiden und die Handlungssicherheit innerhalb des Unternehmens zu gewährleisten. Mit einem E-Learning erreichen Sie jeden – einfach, unkompliziert und direkt.

Dr. Bernhard Bachmann, Kursautor