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(Un)Equal treatment: A practical snapshot

(Un)Equal treatment: A practical snapshot

The equal treatment of men and women has been on the strategic agenda of many companies for years. While the principle of equal treatment is widely accepted in society, the situation is still very different in many companies. For example, women in Germany still earn on average around 20 percent less than their male colleagues. In a global comparison, Germany ranks only 10th in terms of gender equality. But equal treatment must not be reduced to the difference between the sexes. The General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG) generally prohibits any discrimination against employees also on the basis of their race, ethnic origin, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexual identity. In case of a violation, claims for compensation may exist.

The burden of proof is on the employer`s side

It is up to the employer to prove, in the case of a well-founded accusation, that the requirements of equal treatment are met. But what does this mean for business practice? – Above all, companies and personnel managers should avoid typical mistakes as far as possible. This includes in particular the age- and gender-specific design of job advertisements. But caution is also required in personnel development – because here, too, decisions should be made regardless of the characteristics mentioned above. In order to implement the requirements of the Equal Treatment Act throughout the company and at all management levels, a uniform guideline is essential. The training of managers and personnel decision-makers is of particular importance.

Creating acceptance and reducing disadvantages with e-learning

Innovative e-learning has proven its worth in this respect. Through a targeted combination of different media formats, equal treatment training contents can be presented in a varied and exciting way and put into a specific practical context. As a result, training participants will recognise the relevance of the topic and can immediately apply what they have learned in their daily work. But e-learning for equal treatment also offers considerable advantages for the learner: Whether tablet, smart phone or laptop – professional trainings can be flexibly accessed via different devices, paused if necessary and continued at a later time. This results in a maximum degree of user-friendliness and flexibility. Security Island has developed such an AGG training, offering a professional solution, also for your company.

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