Trade Compliance - A tightrope walk in times of Corona?

Trade Compliance - A tightrope walk in times of Corona?

For a long time, the European Commission obliged with an implementing regulation to present an export licence when exporting certain products. This covered items of personal protective equipment and included protective and surgical masks as well as gloves, protective goggles, face protection and protective suits. However, although this regulation no longer applies, other countries continue to restrict the import and export of certain products and goods. This applies not only to protective equipment but also to medical and pharmaceutical products. But the food industry must also be attentive: China recently asked exporters of meat, soya beans, cereals, seafood as well as fruit and vegetables to issue a declaration confirming that all imported products are not contaminated by the corona virus. Other countries may follow this approach, particularly in course of preventing a new outbreak of the virus.

To-Dos for effective trade compliance management

Within the framework of trade compliance, logistics companies should observe the following rules:

  • Establish effective processes and structures in your organization to enable an agile trade compliance management system. This includes in particular the clear definition of roles, responsibilities and competencies.
  • Intensify collaboration with associations and authorities. Seek the exchange with other industry participants about best-practices and new regulations to consider.
  • Regularly review your supply chains to ensure compliance with applicable export laws and to efficiently resolve potential findings.
  • Optimize your internal and external communication – in this way you can draw attention to the importance of trade compliance and at the same time promote an active exchange.
  • Train key personnel regularly on current export restrictions and show them what this means for their daily business practice.

Export control in focus: Impart knowledge with up-to-date training content

For logistics companies in the international trade of goods, trade compliance in times of Corona quickly becomes a tightrope walk: Since export regulations can change at any time as the Corona crisis progresses, active trade compliance management is required. Otherwise, violations of the applicable export control law are imminent. Up-to-date employee training is an important element in ensuring the effectiveness of trade compliance management. With professional e-learning, you can convey up-to-date content across borders, and in different languages. This format allows a maximum degree of flexibility while at the same time controlling success and costs. Through the targeted combination of different training formats, even complex export regulations can be presented clearly and conveyed in an easily understandable way.

Security-Island has developed an innovative trade compliance training that supports you in the compliant implementation of export controls.

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