Status Quo: Data Privacy in a Snapshot

Status Quo: Data Privacy in a Snapshot

Since May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been applicable law in all EU member states. Much has happened since then: companies have put their existing data protection setup to the test and adapted it to the new legal provisions. But if comparing the situation across countries, it becomes clear that there is still a lot to do. While Ireland scores best among the EU member states, other countries lag far behind the GDPR requirements. Germany is also among the last countries to come in. But what can companies do to remedy this situation?

Technical and organisational measures cannot replace a lack of awareness.

A forgotten sheet of paper in the copying machine, the openly accessible customer database, or the CCTV camera in the cafeteria: Not every company is serious about data protection. However, the protection of personal data plays a crucial role in everyday office life. Even during routine work, it is important to keep a watchful eye on the protection of sensitive data. This is the only way to ensure the efficiency of a compay´s data privacy and protection management system. However, it requires the awareness of all employees and managers. Identify existing risks and possible weaknesses in existing structures and processes, and establish suitable control mechanisms to ensure compliance with data processing principles and protect the rights of the persons concerned. And above all: make your employees aware – because a lack of awareness cannot be compensated by organizational and technical measures.

Basic training from a single source - for all employees and managers

With the Security Island training "Data protection in everyday office life", you demonstrate the risks in dealing with personal data and provide practical solutions. With this interactive training, you can make participants aware of the importance of data protection in their everyday office life and encourage them to take action. Due to its modular structure, the training can be booked based on your company´s specific needs and either accessed directly via the mybreev Academy or integrated into your company's own LMS. With the final certificate, participants receive proof of the training success. Don't take any risks when it comes to data protection – Security Island can support you. We are your strategic partner when training your employees.

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