E-Learning - Topic Focus for Companies 2021

E-Learning - Topic Focus for Companies 2021

It could go down in history as the lost year: Due to the Corona crisis, 2020 will probably be remembered for a long time - even if not in the best of times. Yet the past few months have had a lasting impact on our private and working lives. Digitalization and the home office have received an unexpected boost and have fundamentally changed the way we live and work. This also influences the already high expectations for the coming year.

But what comes after the crisis? And how can we prepare for it?

These are the questions that corporate executives and security managers around the world are asking themselves in order to be prepared for the challenges of the future at both strategic and operational levels. Many of the topics that will be at the top of many companies' agendas and therefore require special attention are already clear today - also with regard to the internal communication of these topics and the associated knowledge management.

A year full of challenges

The following topics will be in the coming year in the special enterprise focus:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: In the course of the Corona crisis, many companies have had to reinvent themselves or reinvent themselves in order to better deal with the changed conditions. However, innovation and flexibility are inseparably linked to lived diversity and inclusion and will have a lasting impact on self-perception and the way companies work.

  • Cyber Security & Information Security: The increasing mobility in working life, also due to home offices and flexible working time models, poses great challenges for cyber security and information security. To master these challenges effectively, one thing is particularly important: raising the awareness of your own employees.

  • Travel security: In most companies, business travel is currently out of the question. And in the future, too, travel will be different from the times before the crisis. Travel security management must adapt to these changes. New concepts for health protection when traveling are only one of many components that require fundamental review.

  • Corporate health management: The high sensitivity of the company's own employees to health risks in the workplace makes additional measures necessary. Even after the crisis, additional protective measures such as mouth-nose covers and disinfectants will no longer disappear from our working lives. Hygiene and health protection concepts must be adapted accordingly and their implementation monitored.

  • Compliance: Our society is undergoing change - this includes legislation and internal regulations. In order to ensure conformity with new health and environmental protection regulations in your own company, committed compliance managers are required. A professional compliance management system is essential to ensure company-wide compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Sustainability: This topic, too, will continue well beyond next year. How do I do sustainable business as a company, how do I promote socially and environmentally responsible management and what do I stand for as a company? These are questions that are answered from within the company and therefore require a targeted awareness of sustainability among employees and managers. E-learning serves here both as an example of practicing sustainability and as a means of communicating it.

The bundle of current topics that companies should include on their 2021 agenda is comprehensive and diverse. But how can all these topics be communicated in a sustainable manner in the age of home office and flex-work?

In times of upheaval, imparting knowledge - e-learning offers the solution

While conventional training methods reach their practical limits here, innovative concepts can convince with a high degree of flexibility. Thus, professional e-learnings offer an optimal solution for companies of any size and industry. Because these can be applied flexibly in terms of location and time, and for any number of participants. Whether limited to certain departments or expert groups, or company-wide for all employees: Customized licensing and multilingual training modules with multimedia content make your training program a complete success - with efficient use of resources and absolute cost control. Prepare your employees for the time after the crisis - with the e-learning courses from Security Island you are optimally prepared for the coming year.

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