Occupational health in times of Corona - an unsolvable dilemma?

Occupational health in times of Corona - an unsolvable dilemma?

However, this constant development is accompanied by a high degree of uncertainty. After all, a threatening second wave of infection hovers over everything like a sword of Damocles. At the same time, occupational safety and working in corona times need not be a contradiction in terms. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has now developed an occupational health and safety standard with special occupational health and safety measures which, among other things, are intended to safeguard the health of employees and restore economic activity.

Practical recommendations for health at work

Based on this new SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standard, the following measures are recommended:

  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other persons at the workplace. Otherwise, alternative protective measures such as the installation of transparent partitions or the wearing of a face shield must be taken.
  • Go into home office – if that is not possible, multiple occupancy of office space should be avoided by adapting room concepts.
  • Clean your hands regularly. Use soap dispensers and hand disinfectants for this purpose, especially in sanitary and break rooms as well as canteens.
  • Ventilate your workplace regularly to reduce the concentration of pathogens in the room air. Ventilation systems should not be switched off.
  • Avoid business trips and attendance at meetings wherever possible. Instead, switch to technical alternatives such as telephone and video conferencing.
  • Clean work equipment and surfaces at the workplace and personal protective equipment regularly with a virucidal disinfectant. If possible, use all work equipment on a personal basis.
  • Avoid crowds of people – this applies in particular to common spaces and other highly frequented areas at the workplace.

E-learning offers a flexible solution in times of Corona

These and many other indications can help to effectively prevent the spread of SARS-Covid-2 and other pathogens. Train your employees with professional e-learning as this can be implemented flexibly and without great effort for any number of participants – without physical presence. Thanks to an integrated performance review, you have an optimal overview at all times. This not only creates an effective performance review but also legal certainty. With e-learning for safe working during a pandemic, you not only make a valuable contribution to the safety of your employees, but also fulfil your legal duty of care.

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