Lacking diligence at work: violation of duty may result in dismissal

Lacking diligence at work: violation of duty may result in dismissal

Whether the lack of safety glasses on the grinding machine or the ever-popular sneakers without safety grading: If employees do not exercise the necessary care, and safety requirements are not taken into account, serious injuries or even worse can occur at workplace. But some actors involved are unregenerate – in some cases even the admonishing words of the safety officer or supervisor cannot solve this. However, the consequences might also be relevant from the perspective of labour law. For example, a recent verdict makes clear that anyone violating safety regulations commits a breach of duty. Thus, besides a warning, employees are also taking the risk of termination.

Acting proactively and informing employees about the consequences of misconduct

This verdict seems to be groundbreaking in dealing with employees who are resistant to any advice or criticize. Because if these fail to take the necessary protective measures into account despite being expressly requested to do so, a warning is issued and, in the event of a repeat offence, the employee may be dismissed. But how should safety officers and superiors deal with violations of health and safety regulations? And how can they be proactively prevented? – An annual safety training course, which explicitly points out the existing safety regulations and the potential consequences of a violation, provides clarity and legal certainty.

Multimedia e-learning: Inform about the importance of occupational health and safety

Security Island offers professional tools for this effort: The basic training on occupational safety draws attention to the importance of occupational safety and shows practical recommendations for behaviour. Due to the modular structure, the training can be adapted to the specific needs of your company. These modules can be booked directly and accessed easily – either via the mybreev Academy or integrated into your own LMS. The innovative e-learning format makes the training content available at any time or location, thus enabling maximum flexibility. The integrated performance monitoring allows you to keep track of the training success. This means you no longer have to compromise when it comes to safety at work.

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