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No smoke without fire – it's simmering in the Middle East

No smoke without fire – it's simmering in the Middle East

It first felt like a bang, but was just another step in the escalation: After the surgical killing of the Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani, everyone on the international stage held its breath – an inglorious debut in the still young year 2020. The following retaliation against US military bases in Iraq appeared to be well calculated. Nevertheless, recent events have made waves and driven deep wedges between the different political camps. The saber rattling of the major international powers is not without consequences for companies operating in the Middle East. Once again, it becomes clear that security departments have to be on guard and be prepared for sudden changes in the security situation.

Get your employees prepared – not just in acute trouble spots

The Middle East is an important economic field for many industries. In addition to the oil industry, service companies are also gaining ground in crisis-ridden Iraq. The neighboring Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar, but especially the United Arab Emirates, are important business partners for companies worldwide. Companies must therefore take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their employees from the impacts stemming from a further tightening of the security situation. – However, this requirement does not only apply to the world´s most acute hotspots: Whether business travelers, expats or local employees – targeted training and awareness measures are required to prepare employees and managers for risk situations. But which tools are suitable for this?

Innovative solutions for global awareness and training programs

With Security Island you will find everything in one place: Whether travel security or business continuity – our modular e-learning courses can be booked and used flexibly for any number of participants. The training content are available independently of time and location to all participants. Whether integrated into your company's own Learning Management System (LMS), or directly through the mybreev online academy: Security Island's multimedia e-learning formats convey in-depth knowledge of current topics, no matter the complexity. Thanks to the integrated tests, you always have an optimal overview of the training´s success. Go innovative ways of imparting knowledge and thereby make a valuable contribution to physical and personnel security, but also to business continuity.

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