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ISO 31030:2021 Travel Risk Management – the first of its kind
ISO 31030:2021 Travel Risk Management – the first of its kind

Risks on business trips have always played a significant role. But the Covid-19 pandemic has noticeably increased employees' need for safety and security. No wonder many companies are now putting their processes and structures to the test to meet this new need. ISO 31030:2021 Travel Risk Management, which was published in September 2021, is therefore very timely. It has been created as a guideline for organizations on how to manage the risks associated with business travel, in an attempt to address the increasing importance of travel risk. But what news does the new standard bring? And for which organizations is it suitable?

Development, implementation, evaluation, review

ISO 31030:2021 is the first of its kind and fills a long-standing gap in the body of ISO standards. It now provides an approach to developing, implementing, evaluating, and reviewing a travel risk management system, which includes not only the policy and development of the program, but also the identifications and assessment of travel risks, as well as weaknesses and strengths, and also the development of appropriate measures to address risks. The new standard offers numerous advantages in this regard: In principle, ISO 31030:2021 is suitable for any type of organization – i.e. not only commercial enterprises, but also all others such as governmental or non-profit organizations. And this is independent of their size or field of activity. It can thus serve as a uniform and internationally recognized guideline that supports security and travel managers, as well as HR managers, in their daily work.

Culture as a guarantee of success

The new standard also pays particular attention to the culture within the organization. After all, a travel safety management system can only be successfully implemented if travel risks are taken seriously as such and the importance of suitable safety processes and structures is recognized. ISO 31030:2021 can support this and increase employee confidence in business travel security. At the same time, it supports business continuity management and enables business activities even in locations with increased travel risk. Those who meet the requirements of the standard also reduce the legal risk in the event of an incident. In order to understand the innovations of ISO 31030:2021 and put them into practice, Security-Island offers professional travel security online training.

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