Home office on the rise: A curse on compliance?

Home office on the rise: A curse on compliance?

For years, flexibility and work-life balance have been on the agenda of many employers. In the past, the call for a better work-life balance, but also the realization of one´s own expectations from an attractive workplace were only two important drivers that motivated companies to promote flex-work or home office. The Corona crisis has clearly accelerated this trend. Whereas before the crisis around 39 percent of employees in German companies worked from home, in the second quarter 2020, during the crisis, this figure had already risen to 61 percent. Some companies had to deal with the concept of flexible working for the very first time. But while many employees welcome the newly won freedom, compliance officers only see one thing: a compliance risk for companies and employees that is difficult to calculate.

Putting the compliance management system to the test

Nevertheless, home office doesn't have to be a curse for your corporate compliance. A few basic tips can help to ensure that your home office is compliant with the law and regulations:

  • Make your employees and managers aware: Compliance rules also apply in home office – without any imitation. Violations of applicable regulations will be sanctioned – even in times of pandemic
  • Provide your employees with the equipment they need to work securely from home. This includes encrypted Internet connections, but also peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard or printer.
  • Draw attention to particularly dangerous situations: In times of Corona, social engineering is booming. Make your employees aware that special caution is required to avoid falling for the perfidious tricks of cyber criminals.
  • Optimize your reporting channels: As the framework conditions changed due to a restructuring of the work environment, reporting systems must be put to the test. This is the only way you can manage wistleblowing effectively, even in exceptional situations.

Thanks to professional training concepts to success

Innovative e-learning solutions can help to implement these important tips. This is because flexible deployment in terms of time and place is the best way to meet the new requirements and guarantees you can reach your employees, no matter where they are working from. Whether the corporate design or multilingual content: e-learning offers you almost unlimited creative freedom. Through the targeted use of professional training concepts such as gamification or storytelling, your compliance training becomes an exciting learning adventure. We at Security-Island know what is important and provide multimedia training on important compliance topics.

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