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Business travel in times of Covid-19 – an unpredictable risk?
Business travel in times of Covid-19 – an unpredictable risk?

Flights and events have been cancelled, and meetings went digital. 96% of companies still allow business travel only in exceptional circumstances – more than one in ten has a total ban in place. But a silver lining is gradually appearing on the horizon: Despite rising infection rates in many countries and regions, more and more travel providers are resuming operations. With new protection concepts, international travel is to be made attractive again. However, specifically travel security management is required to meet the new regulatory framework, but also the protection needs of the company's employees. What has changed compared to travel before the pandemic?

Business travel then and now - a comparison

The following non-exhaustive comparison shows how much the pandemic has changed business travel and the requirements for security management.

Before the pandemic ...

During the pandemic ...

... standard health protection measures before and during the trip were generally sufficient.

... comprehensive and bespoken protection concepts are required, covering the entire trip.

... basic medical care in the destination country could usually be guaranteed, if necessary also with support of an external service provider.

... local health care systems and infrastructures are often overloaded, requiring additional measures.

... entry regulations changed only rarely and with adequate notice, which enabled reliable travel planning.

... entry regulations and quarantine measures can change at any time – even without notice or during the flight.

... insurance coverage during a business trip was reliable and comprehensively guaranteed.

... insurance coverage can expire even with short notice due to new travel warnings, requiring an individual assessment.

... medical certificates and health checks were only required in a few exceptional cases.

... health checks, in many cases also negative test certificates, are required before or after entry.

Looking ahead: What can companies do?

Many companies have begun to question the necessity of business travel in general. For example, almost 72% of companies expect business travel to drop by more than 10% in the future – one in ten companies even anticipate that the number of trips will be halved. Nevertheless: In many cases, business travel is indispensable. But to prevent travel from becoming an incalculable risk during the pandemic, professional planning and preparation is essential. This is the only way to ensure that the corporate duty of care is fully met, even in times of corona. Security-Island provides innovative e-learnings for companies of all sizes and industries.

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