The version of digitally sensitized employees

The version of digitally sensitized employees

Today's companies radiate a certain degree of security and security awareness through their increasingly open external presence. This has an effect both internally and externally, which means; if the company radiates security, it generates a positive effect on its environment - in its role as a responsible institution toward society, a trustworthy partner, but also as an attractive employer. But what constitutes a safe company today? - One part is already covered by the continuous sensitization of the workforce to a wide range of topics. It is part of professional and up-to-date internal communication.

The entire text and further insights on the topic of security in connection with innovation can be found in the specialist book "Zukunftssicher: So geht Innovation an der Schnittstelle von Wirtschaft und Versicherung".

Short description: As a company, breaking new ground with innovation is always associated with risks. What are the options for dealing with these risks and securing the innovative strength that is essential for business and society in a future-oriented manner? Funk, as one of the leading international insurance brokers and risk consultants in Europe, gathers selected expert authors from the insurance industry in ZUKUNFTSSICHER to provide answers to these questions. Mindset and innovation capability: What is the basis for safe innovation? Risk solutions for digital transformation: How can digital innovation be safeguarded? Impetus for risk management: What constitutes the risk management of the future? Insurance industry of tomorrow: How does insurance remain contemporary?

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