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The rocky road back to normal

The rocky road back to normal

The corona crisis continues to keep the economy in suspense – and has been doing so for many weeks. While many companies are talking about the "new normal", the question of a return to actual normal operation, the situation before the crisis, also rises. Although there is no timeframe for a complete lifting of restrictions on public and economic life, companies need to prepare themselves now for a gradual return to normal operations. But what does this mean in practice? And which are the challenges company managers and employees are facing?

Looking ahead: The return to normal operations

Never before have so many employees been in the home office at the same time – this applies to Germany and elsewhere. But while the operational business is still in crisis mode, what counts from a tactical and strategic point of view is now to look ahead. Business Continuity Managers in particular are now in demand, since returning to normal operations is their original area of expertise: How can a return to normal business operations be achieved? – In order to answer this question, BCM managers have to evaluate numerous key factors in close cooperation with other departments and take them into account in the decision-making process.

Clarity and transparency: Internal communication as one of the factors for success

The general conditions are the most important factor here: Those who can base their own business operations on a solid IT infrastructure sleep more soundly in times like these – that is for sure. However, to ensure a smooth return, the availability and accessibility of all systems need to be assessed and necessary resources must be allocated. For manufacturing companies, resumption can be much more complex. This requires close coordination with all business partners and suppliers. Otherwise, gaps in the supply chain threaten to hinder or even prevent a successful resumption of normal operations. In any case, however, the following applies: Internal communication is a success factor – this applies with regard to both transparent decision-making and the active involvement of employees, especially in terms of clearly defined parameters. That is the only way to achieve a smooth return if day x is approaching.

Security Island supports you on your way to a successful business continuity management and provides professional training solutions for your employees and managers.

Train your employees

Basics of BCM - Safe Behaviour in Exceptional Situations
Crisis Management

Basics of BCM - Safe Behaviour in Exceptional Situations

Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensures that you can continue your business processes without interruption. BCM looks for potential risks that could endanger the company. With BCM, risks are identified and can usually be avoided before they occur. In this way, BCM increases your resistance to weak economic situations, damage to your reputation or financial crises - and thus ensures the continued existence of the company.

30 Min.

Emergency and crisis management in the company
Crisis Management

Emergency and crisis management in the company

No company is safe from crisis. That's why forward-looking corporate security is always interlinked with professional crisis management. This includes not only reacting confidently in the event of an acute crisis, but also crisis prevention and continuous monitoring to identify potential crises at an early stage and prepare for them. In this module you will learn how to increase the resistance of your company to crises, what to do in case of an emergency and how typical crises can ideally be prevented.

4 Quiz

25 Min.

Dealing with Mental Stress - Basics
Mental Health at Work

Dealing with Mental Stress - Basics

Learn about the causes of psychological stress in the workplace and how to deal with them.

4 Quiz

20 - 25 Min.

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