Cyber-Crime is booming: Phishing in times of Corona

Cyber-Crime is booming: Phishing in times of Corona

While many companies are still at a standstill, criminals have their hands full. In times of crisis, fraudsters are in full swing - and the current corona crisis is no different.

Phishing and other cyber attacks are particularly popular. While employees are sitting in their home offices all over the country, a lack of awareness makes them an easy target. The BKA recently warned of a nationwide wave of phishing in which attackers pretend to be financial institutions and request information about aid payments received. With these and numerous similar scams, fraudsters are trying to obtain sensitive information. The risks for companies and employees are enormous: in addition to financial damage, there is also a reputational and legal risk. If sensitive information of customers, suppliers or business partners is lost, your next crisis will already be ante portas.

Some important basic rules help to unmask potential attackers

Employees can effectively protect themselves and their company if they follow a few important basic rules:

  1. Always check the authenticity of an email, especially if you do not expect such an email or do not know the alleged sender. Be aware of forged or incorrect sender addresses and inaccuracies in language or content.
  2. Do not open any attachments or links from emails which you have not been able to clearly verify. Always call up external web pages via the browser, not via a link in the e-mail.
  3. Never disclose personal data such as passwords, health data, credit card numbers or other sensitive information. Be suspicious of allegedly urgently needed feedback.
  4. Report suspicious emails immediately to your IT department and delete them. If you suspect a possible infection of your system, turn off your PC immediately and inform your IT department.
  5. Are you afraid that you have become the victim of a phishing attack? – Report the incident to your company's security department.

Innovative training solutions can effectively protect employees and companies

In order to reach employees flexibly even in times of home office, modern e-learning has proven its worth. Whether laptop, tablet or smart phone: innovative e-learning solutions can be implemented for any number of participants and can be accessed via different terminals. Their flexible and multimedia design makes them the ideal solution for company-wide training and awareness programs, while at the same time providing optimal performance and cost control. Take advantage of the benefits of innovative tools and show your employees and managers how they can effectively protect themselves against the growing threat of cybercrime.

Security Island has developed professional training courses on "Working in the Pandemic", "Phishing" and "Working in the Home Office" – for increased security, even in times like these.

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