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Code of Conduct - What is important in training?
Code of Conduct - What is important in training?

Adherence to all legal requirements establishes the purpose of a company's compliance. Compliance is anything but abstract – it`s the contrary: it is binding for all employees and managers. However, in addition to laws, there are numerous other rules that must be observed in the performance of professional duties, as well as in dealings with colleagues, customers and business partners. These rules are formalized in the Code of Conduct. This makes it an important tool for compliance. But what exactly is the Code of Conduct? What purpose should it serve? And how can the training of employees and managers be a success?

An orientation for professional practice

In general, the Code of Conduct represents a collection of rules on how employees and managers are to behave appropriately. Whether dealing with sensitive information, preventing corruption or other unfair business practices, dealing with each other in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, or reporting possible violations – the Code of Conduct provides guidance on how to behave in certain situations so as not to come into conflict with the law or the principles of one's own company. These rules are not universal, but are defined individually by each company. In professional practice, the Code of Conduct is intended to serve as a guide to action for rule-compliant and ethically correct behaviour. It also enables both the workforce and compliance officers to identify potential legal risks or ethical misconduct and to measure them against a uniform benchmark. But how can the code of conduct become an effective tool?

Present content in a comprehensible way, actively involve participants

Professional training is essential to ensure that employees and managers are aware of the applicable regulations and can act in accordance with them. Above all, there must be clarity about the content and objectives of the code. Digital solutions such as innovative e-learning offer the solution. They enable the content of the Code of Conduct to be presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner with the help of didactic methods and thus conveyed in a sustainable manner. Storytelling and gamification are used to link the requirements of the Code of Conduct with concrete scenarios and thus put them into a practical context. At the same time, thanks to interactive elements, training participants can get involved and encouraged to take direct action. To ensure that the contents conveyed are permanently present, training on the Code of Conduct should be repeated regularly, across all hierarchical levels. Security-Island offers professional training solutions for your company and supports you in the implementation of your training program.

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