Business Ethics: The transfer into practice is what really counts

Business Ethics: The transfer into practice is what really counts

Comprehensive management measures are required to promote moral action and ensure its compatibility with the ethical principles of the company. As part of compliance, it is important to monitor their effectiveness and sanction violations. In practice, however, so-called business ethics often threaten to fall behind economic interests. This is also reflected in the training and further education of employees, especially managers: Although they act as ambassadors of ethical principles, business ethics usually come up short here. Corporate responsibility today goes far beyond mere compliance with applicable rules and laws, but also includes social responsibility.

Business ethics: educate and act

The following tips will help you to successfully promote business ethics in your company:

  1. Train your employees and managers: point out the content and importance of ethical principles and encourage moral behaviour in business. In addition, provide practical solutions to ethical problems.
  2. Give business ethics strategic importance: Put business ethics and corporate social responsibility on your company's strategic agenda.
  3. Get active: Get involved in charitable projects and motivate your employees to volunteer. Your managers will serve as an important role model.
  4. Recognize ethic-compliant behavior: Show appreciation and recognition for people and projects that have made a special effort to implement business ethics.

Modern e-learning: From theory to practice

Professional training measures make a valuable contribution to the enforcement of business ethics. Their task is not only to explain and internalize applicable principles – it is much more important to transfer them into a practical context. Only through this context can their practical relevance become clear. With multimedia e-learning, classic dilemma situations can be presented in a vivid way, enabling participants to practice the correct application of business ethics. Storytelling is only one of several methods to make the training exciting and thereby increase the interest and acceptance of the participants. We at Security-Island have developed innovative e-learnings that can be implemented for any number of participants – worldwide and in several languages. Thus we offer the best solution, also for your company.

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