Bring Your Own Device - Curse or Blessing?

Bring Your Own Device - Curse or Blessing?

Whether smart phone, tablet or laptop: More and more companies understand the advantage of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a concept in which employees can use their own IT components for work purposes. While the user is thus granted a considerably greater freedom in the selection and use of the respective components, companies can simultaneously save acquisition and maintenance costs. In some cases, the employer even reciprocates with additional benefits. Overall, everything sounds like a fair deal – but it doesn't go without some bitterness as the concept not only offers advantages: there are doubts, especially from the perspective of information security and data protection. How can personal data and sensitive company information be effectively protected?

Sensitive data going astray: When the company is no longer in control

The significant threat: sensitive company information circulates where the company can no longer control it. In addition, the risk increases that the company's internal network is infected by compromised devices. This increases the risk of data loss, but also of the failure of single system components or even entire systems – a risk that must be taken into account when deciding for and against a BYOD concept. Numerous technical measures can help effectively reducing the existing risk. This prevents business data from being downloaded to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, and being saved or processed there. In addition, technical features enable remote deletion if the device gets stolen or lost. However, don´t forget about the user – he is just as important as all the technical refinements.

With comprehensive training and awareness raising to success

Only those who educate their employees about the existing risks and inform them about their own rights and obligations can create a secure environment for the use of personal devices in the corporate environment. Demonstrate the legal requirements of data protection and train how to handle sensitive information safely. Present practical concepts for information security and thereby leverage acceptance for technical and organizational security measures. We from Security-Island support you with this and offer professional e-learning on the topics of information security and data protection. You can integrate our multimedia solutions into your company's LMS or book it directly through the mybreev online academy. With us, BYOD becomes a real alternative that can generate added value for employees and companies – with more security.

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