Times of Restrictions

Times of Restrictions

The latest developments in reaction to the Covid 19 crisis hit companies hard – also in Germany. At the time of writing, more than 84,000 infections have been registered and more than 1,100 people have died in this country. With curfews and travel restrictions, local authorities are now trying to get the pandemic under control. Overall, some of the measures taken or discussed are considered controversial in professional circles. The time window for effective restrictions on travel and thus freedom of movement is considered to be limited. It remains unclear whether these measures will prove effective – so there is no sign of an imminent improvement in the situation for companies.

A fight for survival: Is Business Continuity Management proving itself?

The Free State of Bavaria has now even declared a catastrophic event in order to better coordinate measures at state level. If the situation worsens, a state of emergency could even threaten, as is already the case in other countries – this would be an absolute novelty in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. But the effects of the crisis on companies and employees are already enormous. About half a million companies have announced short-time work yet – more than ever before. And even if the government is trying to bridge this unprecedented dry spell with aid money, it must be assumed that many companies will have to close their doors long before the urgently needed aid money flows. This makes the current crisis a fight for survival in many industries – and a crucial test for your company´s business continuity management.

Security Island provides flexible training solutions for employees and managers

In addition to the collapse of the sales market, procurement is also causing considerable difficulties. Entire supply chains are interrupted. This now shows whether your own business continuity management is up to the existing challenges. We from Security Island make your employees and managers aware of what really matters: With our professional e-learning "Business Continuity Management" you set new standards in the field of employee training. Our trainings can be booked easily and quickly for any number of participants and can either be accessed directly via the mybreev Online Academy or integrated into your company's LMS. In times of flex-work and home office, the compatibility with different devices such as laptop, tablet or smart phone has proven itself. This means that our "Business Continuity Management" e-learning can be accessed and completed also remote and or across time zones, making it the optimal support in times of crisis.

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