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Awareness Readiness - Sovereign employees for a secure company

Awareness Readiness - Sovereign employees for a secure company

The level of Awareness Readiness shows how sensitive your company already is for the relevant security issues. If you know about possible risks and know how to proactively prevent them and if you have already incorporated corresponding behaviour into your compliance, your Awareness Readiness is exemplary. Well-founded security awareness training can demonstrably increase the level of awareness readiness.

The 3 core areas of awareness in your company

1. Health

Wear and tear of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular diseases and increasingly also mental illnesses are causing more and more absences from work - even for office jobs. More than 708.3 million working days and around 145 billion euros gross value added fall victim to various illnesses in Germany alone every year. A conscious approach to work and a healthy working atmosphere are therefore just as important for your employees as for your company.

2. Safety

Security has many faces. Awareness Readiness focuses on two central areas: physical security at work and cyber-security. Dangers such as fire, data theft or corruption are serious threats to the security, image and economic survival of a company. Create an awareness of possible risks in your company and eliminate them in advance.

3. Crisis Prevention

A crisis quickly puts you and your company under enormous pressure to act. In order to be able to act confidently in the event of a crisis, an awareness of possible crises and emergencies is important. Internal preparation helps you and your employees to quickly perceive risks, to think through them strategically and to prevent excessive disaster fantasies. If you know your tools of the trade, you will have them quickly at hand in a crisis situation and react rationally.

The 4 characteristics of Awareness Readiness

Security awareness is evident in many areas of the company. Every single employee shows four different characteristics of Awareness Readiness.

1. Attitude

Security is a matter of attitude: Those who are aware of the possible risks want to protect themselves from them. This conviction is the most important basis of Awareness Readiness.

2. Knowledge

Well-founded knowledge about possible sources of danger and their prevention protects your employees and your company in the long term.

3. Conduct

In the long run, a good safety training leads to a changed safety behaviour. Employees pay more attention to their health and actively prevent dangers and risks.

4. Values

When behaviour changes, a person's values change as well. Security becomes a need and a basic value of daily work.

The 5 hurdles of Awareness Readiness

Awareness Readiness must first overcome five hurdles in many companies and organizations. These are the biggest obstacles to widespread security awareness in the company.

1. Little or no awareness of risks

2. Underestimating the consequences of certain hazards

3. Lack of knowledge of responsibilities and rules

4. Lack of acceptance of safety structures and regulations

5. Inadequate implementation of preventive measures and safety precautions

How Security Island accompanies you on the way to Awareness Readiness

We take a holistic approach to security, which is why we offer our customers training in a wide range of security areas. In addition, each Security Island course can be tailored to the different roles of your employees and the specifics of your company. So every employee receives exactly the learning content he needs. In addition, companies with Security Island can also roll out legally required instructions comfortably in their company. For a security-conscious company.

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